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Professional Bodies

by Farzin Deravi in General Topics · · 1 Reply · View last reply Respond
Farzin Deravi
Farzin Deravi

Hello All

I was wondering which Professional Body (if any) is the one to register with after obtaining the diploma. GHR, NCH, ... ?  Is it advisable to register even if you may only be able to practice occasionally/part-time?

Any and all advice and experience gratefully received.

best wishes






Mark Davis Administrator
Mark Davis

Hi Farzin
Probably GHR, because their requirements are lower. Though NCH may have a little more standing.
However either of them will do really. Then ideally register with CNHC (The Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council - £45/year) - which will give you government approved registration (they have been approved by the Professional Standards Association -

How's it going?