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Alison Carney

Hey Dave, thanks for the reply. It looks like the forum isn't being used too much which is a great shame. Such a useful resource, and I know you put a fair bit of time into it yourself. I hear what you say about marketing - I need a website before I can start chasing that business. Mind you, I need the diploma too!
I'm about to submit my first 6 questions to see if they're up to scratch. I'm actually on Q4.3 now but I struggled with Q1.4 so I need to have another go at that before I can submit. I hope to hear they're of the right standard, or I've a heck of a lot to re-write!
I'm planning on staying on the forum so hopefully we can get a network of regular users going.
Keep in touch, Alison

by Alison Carney

Dave Philp

Hi Alison, good to see you are back on track. I have been practicing part time since the course. The biggest challenge is attracting clients and having a referral system in place. If you only rely on a website for business you might battle a bit. Good luck with the assignment and let us know how it goes. Dave

by Dave Philp