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Alison Carney

Farah, thank you for the suggestion of going to the supervision course. It's a great idea so I might just do that.

by Alison Carney

Alison Carney

It sounds like some of you just completed all 3 stages of the diploma course - congratulations! Now the hard work starts - doing the written work. I'm about to complete mine after taking almost a year off, which (take it from me) is not advisable!

by Alison Carney

Prem	 Bajaj

Hello Farzin, Hello and I can see you both in Theeta! Happy Easter Holidays!

by Prem Bajaj

Prem	 Bajaj

Hello Professor Hassan, Sorry for this delay in replying! Thanks for your and our entire family's compliments and that is not me who deserves, we all know, how special this course is and the great Fabinna and Mark Davis who are showering their wisdome and techniques to make world so beautiful for all of us and our patients. Well due to Easter Mood - we are having holidays in Stonehenge and from Tuesday onward will be back to normal routine. It will be a great pleasure meeting you any time convenient thereafter. With kind regards and Happy Easter Holidays!

by Prem Bajaj